“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think!” | Hunny Gupta


“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think!”
In India, there is a very competitive environment as far as education is concerned. Each and every parent want their child to ‘be the best and beat the Best’ and therefore the biggest concern of any parent from the beginning is ‘In which school, should I send my child? Or’ Should I send him to any other classes other than school? ‘. They also try to compare their child from other students and try to manipulate them! Though, the intension is to give their child best of the bests. There are’ n’ number of schools, colleges as well as private institutes in the country and parents always get confused while taking admissions because each one of them has some uniqueness and difference from the others and as a result the choice gets tougher.

So, we decided to help you and therefore we had a little chat with one of the renowned owner of an institution in Delhi, called ‘Hunny Tutorials’.
Mr. Hunny Gupta, had a passion for teaching from his days of childhood. In his early days, he used to teach his friends and after few years he thought to convert his ‘passion into profession’ and therefore started ‘Hunny Tutorials’.

Q: What makes ‘Hunny Tutorial’ different?
Mr. Gupta- The way we make students learn, that is., our ‘teaching methodology’ is different from the others as well as we try to share our personal knowledge with the students. Most of the students, choose our institute because of the powerful study material that we provide.
Q: Why people choose private schools and government college?
Mr. Gupta (Laughs)- First of all, Government Colleges are more popular and cheaper than the Private colleges. Although, for schools the situation is different. Government schools are deficient in some basic necessities. There are also few good government schools but getting admission is very difficult. Therefore, Private schools and Government colleges make good pair.
Q: For someone from New Delhi, What is the importance of education?
(As Delhi is most competitive, as far as education is concerned)
Mr. Gupta (Sighs) – For a parent in New Delhi, Educating their child is very important because they know the meaning and value of education. They all consider it as future investment and therefore go for the best institutes.
Q: In your opinion, Is technology helping education?
Mr. Gupta- Yes definitely! Technology has it’s own advantages. Technology serves as a medium to spread, share and recreate the existing knowledge. It is not only helping in educating the closer ones but the distant students are also getting benefitted.
Q: Through Proctur, How you would be able to help students?
Mr. Gupta- Proctur is a platform that connects me to not only students but also to their parents and therefore it would be great working together towards the same goal ‘getting the youths educated’. I am very happy to be part of the team!

It felt great while talking to such a personality and we got answers to many of our questions. All this because of ‘Proctur”. We aim at’ helping the best to reach the rest’. For more updates and queries, (as you are an Indian Parent, you must be having many, I know 😛 ) visit our website and download our app.
Thanks for reading 🙂
Happy Parenting!


    • Alwyas teach good lesson to everyone. b’coz i am student of hunny sir. He tells me everything about study. so, Hats off to u sir…

  1. Hunny Tutorials is the best platform i cud evr had where i’ve gained alot of knowledge and experience fr my career… Ur way of teaching is really different.. U even taught me d way of living and d way of thinking… Neva had such a great teacher cum friend(for guidance). A true respect for a true person .!! Keep up d great spirit u hv and spreat knowledge.
    Thanks fr grooming me in such a way dat i cn present myself at best in front of others.

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