“Hard Work beats Talent when Talent doesn’t work hard” | Sunil Angra | Nishchay Academy


“Hard Work beats Talent when Talent doesn’t work hard”

Today, India is the country having largest youth population. The future of glorified India lies in these young hands. Therefore, they must be educated and well trained in their field of interest. Though where they get trained and how they get ready for facing the futuristic situation matters a lot.
There are various types of boards that conduct examination for the school students. Some of the parents prefer State board schools while other go for CBSE and some for ICSE board. We had a little chat with the owner of one of the elite institutes in Delhi, ‘ Nishchay Academy ‘. Mr. Sunil Angra who himself has 20+ years of experience in teaching and training students, talks about the various facts about CBSE board students and about his academy –

Q. Behind every successful venture, there is a story. So what’s your story?
Mr. Sunil – I started teaching when I was young (near about 18 years) and when people recognised me at this very young age as a teacher, it made me happy. And at the end, after completing my studies and doing various jobs, I felt like I should go for teaching because it is my passion. Therefore, I turned my passion into the profession.

Q. What is the difference between the education system now and students as compared to the older days?
Mr. Sunil – At that time when I was a student, there was a definite syllabus and paper pattern. Today, it’s difficult to predict the pattern or the questions that will be asked during exams. Although, this generation is a bit lazy and not hard working as compared to our time.

Q. What is the reason behind the success of Nishchay Academy?
Sunil Angra- We are really hardworking. We work with the students, we believe in quality education instead of quantity. Our strength per batch is less and we try to train students to make them understand. We do not believe in Rot learning. Also, our study material is very good and easy to understand.

Q. We have heard a lot about your wife. What’s her role in your academy?
Sunil Angra – Having a brilliant life partner is a blessing. My wife is my support system. In Nishchay Academy, she handles all the management. She also specialises in subjects like Biology and Chemistry. Without her support, this academy would have been a dream.

Q. What is the role of technology in our education system?
Sunil Angra – Technology can be beneficial in some ways but yet today’s generation is mis-using it. Though there can be various beneficial things available on the Internet.

Q. So do you think that the online available courses and applications like ‘Proctur’ are helping students?
Sunil Angra- Yes! Definitely! I think these kind of apps are not only beneficial for the students, in order to gain knowledge from different sources but also for the teacher as he/she gets to spread their knowledge and skills with others. Therefore, a big thumbs up to such kind of useful applications like ‘Proctur’.

Q. How Proctur will help you to educate students?
Sunil Angra – I liked the concept of Proctur and I believe that through Proctur, I would be able to share my knowledge to other students who are in need. So, it’s a great initiative.

Mr. Sunil Angra believes in hard work. He says that everything is possible in this world if students work hard. He is a man with great experience and knowledge. It felt happy while talking to such a personality. Through ‘Proctur”, we are always in thirst of bringing the best in front of you. For more such updates, visit our website and download our mobile application.
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  1. Sunil Sir, truly has immense experience and knowledge to help us make right decisions in our life.
    He is not only a teacher for all of us. He is so much more than that!!
    I, truly, am blessed to have him as my mentor and Nishchay Academy has served me the best two years of high school education!
    Kuddos to the whole team of Nishchay Academy!!!

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