“Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you” | Arbind Singh


Life is different for each and every person. People face various circumstances but as it is said, the hard work done by you, pays you off! There are various prestigious schools in our country. Parents are spending a lot of money on their children’s education and comfort but on another side, there are children who can’t afford quality education due to the poor financial background.
To help such financially weak students, someone must take an action and that action is taken by Mr. Arbind Singh. He specialises in subjects like Mathematics and Physics and also published magazines for these subjects
Let us see what Mr. Arbind has to say-

Q. How you started teaching?
Arbind Singh- I was teaching students through various premier institutes, I have an experience of more than 25 years in teaching and therefore I thought to start my own academy to provide quality education.

Q. I have visited your academy’s website and I found it really motivating. How important is it to motivate someone?
Arbind Singh- According to me, motivation is the key. You can compel anyone to do anything in this world by just saying few lines of motivation.

Q. There is also a special section named ‘Student’s Gallery’ on your website and students have posted their artworks. So, what do you think is the relationship between creativity and academic excellence ?
Arbind Singh- Each and every student have some unique feature which separates them from the crowd. Being a teacher, it is our responsibility too.

Q. You support financially weaker students, do you think the progress of these students gets affected due to lack of resources?
Arbind Singh- Yes! I myself have gone through rough days in life. I have faced difficult situations and therefore I very well understand the hardships of a financially weak student. Though, they have enough talent to beat others but somewhat it gets affected. In fact, the tagline of our institute is nurturing talent ‘Turning your dreams into reality’. We have an intake of 40% to poor students.
Q. What do you think of various online courses available for the students?
Arbind Singh- Online courses is a great initiative and I believe in that. Though, they are still out of reach for some students.

Q. How do you think ‘PROCTUR’ can help you in connecting with students?
Arbind Singh- Proctur connects me directly to not only students but also to their parents. It is one of the best examples of innovative use of technology for the purpose of education and I am happy that I am a part of proctur family.

Q. Do you have any message for students?
Arbind Singh- I just want to say that there is no substitute for hard work. So, work for want you want in life and if you need any help from my side, I am always ready to help.

When you talk to someone who has a lot of experience and has contributed a lot to society, it feels really great. We wish that Mr. Arbind continues his great work ahead and Proctur family wish him all the very best for all of his upcoming ventures. 🙂
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Interviewed by Anubha Maneshwar