“Look for something positive in each day even if some days you have to look little harder” | Mission 100 | Nitesh Mehra


“Look for something positive in each day even if some days you have to look little harder”

In today’s world, education has become competitive. It is not like that older times when passing an exam was more than enough. Now, people can’t get admission into a good institute just because of the difference of a percent or sometimes even a difference of a point. Parents are making their best efforts, sending their children to best institutes and pouring their pockets out, just to give them best.

For achieving success in today, you need a dream, a destination and appropriate determination. But as I said, it takes a lot of hard work and proper guidance from the experts. Three friends with an aim to give their best to the society and to help students achieve their goals, started a mission that is now called as ‘Mission 100’. What is Mission 100 and how it started, let’s see what one of the founder Mr. Nitesh Mehra has to say-

Q. What is Mission 100? What type of subjects do you teach and what is your area of specialisation?
Nitesh Mehra- We started mission 100 in order to provide quality education to the students. We help students in fulfilling their dream of getting maximum possible marks, that is 100 and therefore we named it as ‘Mission 100’. We take classes for a wide range of courses including CA, CS, Engineering and Humanities. I personally teach Accounts and Economics to the students.

Q. It is observed that in our society people see maths stream students as intelligent than from other ones. What is the reason behind it?
Nitesh Mehra- Students generally have a fear of maths from the beginning and as a result who opt for maths stream over others are seen as intelligent. It is the psychology of common people. Although, all domains have some specialities that differentiates it from the rest.

Q. I found a section ‘Quiz Test’ on your institute’s website. What is the role of tests in improving the performance of a student?
Nitesh Mehra- Tests are very important. It helps us to evaluate the performance of a student and how well he is understanding, what has been taught in the class. Also as it is said, practice is the key and therefore tests are must.

Q. Today technology is dominating our life. How is education affected?
Nitesh Mehra- Technology is something that can’t be ignored. It directly or indirectly affects our life. It is dominating our education system also. Various online courses are available that can help students living in remote areas.

Q. Why you decided to partner with ‘Proctur’? What are the benefits you are getting?
Nitesh Mehra- I really liked the idea of Pocket Classroom and It is actually easy to manage everything with one click. I am happy being part of the Proctur family.

As a last message to the students, Mr. Mehra said that it’s never too late, don’t give up, keep practicing and focus on what you want to achieve. On behalf of Proctur, we wish ‘Mission 100’ all the very best and more success ahead. For more updates and talks with expertise, please download our app!
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