“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithm ; it is about understanding” | Maths Guru | Mr. Sanjay Kumar Tiwari


“Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations or algorithm ; it is about understanding”

From the time we go to school and start learning, we have a fear of only one subject in mind which is ‘Mathematics’. Usually, children find problems in learning maths and understanding it as compared to the other subjects. Though for some people, it is very easy. In our Indian society, students opting science streams are considered to be more intelligent than the other ones. Sometimes parents also push children to choose maths as a subject in higher classes. It is also observed sometimes that the ‘middle class’ people believe that if their children choose maths for further studies, they will not be employed.

To get the answer of all these questions, we had a conversation with ‘Maths Guru’ himself, an owner of a renowned teaching institute Mr. Sanjay Tiwari. While talking, Mr. Sanjay told us that from the beginning when he was in school, he had interests in problem-solving as well as teaching others and therefore he decided to become a maths teacher to help thousands of students with his skills. Let us see what he has to say-
Q. How you begin with ‘Maths Guru’? Was teaching your choice of profession from the beginning?
Mr. Sanjay- I started my institute with a vision to provide quality education and to solve difficulties faced by the students specially in field of Mathematics. I wanted that maximum number of students must get benefitted.

Q. Why everybody has a fear of Mathematics? What do you think about the difficulty level as compared to other subjects?
Mr. Sanjay – Our society from the beginning has created an image in their minds that it is a difficult subject and not easy to understand. But that’s absolutely wrong! In fact, mathematics is a brain exercise and a subject containing lot of fun. Once, you start understanding, you would find it very interesting and easy.

Q. Parents today are diverting their children to become doctor or engineers. Is there really no scope in other fields?
Mr. Sanjay- I do not agree with putting pressure on children. According to me, not only becoming doctors or engineers is important, there is great scope in other sectors too.

Q. How technology is playing a role in current education system?
Mr. Sanjay – There are various excellent online courses available in the market which can help students who cannot attend the classroom courses. Although, classroom courses are definitely better because of more chance of interacting with the students.

Q. How PROCTUR is helping you in achieving you goal?
Mr. Sanjay- Proctur is helping me a lot. It is great platform to interact with students. It made my work so easy and I can handle everything with the help of just one click. I want to thank the whole team of Proctur for such a great concept and initiative.

Well, we hope that this story inspired you to look differently towards the subject Mathematics. There is also an urgent need to respect all the profession and treat them equally. As a last message , Mr. Sanjay advised students to make a study plan and regularly stick to it.

Thanks for reading 🙂