” Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one !! ” | Mary Annie Sujitha |


We have Mary Annie Sujitha J, who has completed B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering and M.Tech Sensor System Technology and is currently pursuing Ph.D. at VIT University, Vellore. She being an independent women, has many views about the educational revolution around us. As a women she understands the importance of education in today’s world for both boys as well as girls. She feels digital education system is a huge step towards the technological development for our country. It will help the individual shape their future in a better and easier way. Let us see what she has to say-

Q1. What are you doing, tell us about yourself? And what plans you have about your future education?

My parents named me Mary Annie Sujitha J and friends and colleagues call me Annie. I’ve completed B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering and M.Tech Sensor System Technology and am currently pursuing Ph.D. at VIT University, Vellore. I’m a person with diversified interests. I love to inspire youngsters. That’s one of the main reasons why I started making short films. I read a lot. Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon, Karen Robards and Nora Roberts are my all-time favorites. I strongly believe that ‘your walk talks louder than your talk talks’. My objective in life is to serve the society in my own style. Be it personal life or professional life, I wanna be the difference that I wish to see in this chaotic world, glorifying Jesus through all my deeds. Well, that pretty much sums up who I am and about my future education, education is a never ending process. After Ph.D., I am looking forward to take up lectureship and guide as many students as I can in various projects and nurture them with values and set an example myself as to how to be a loving human being in this need for speed almost robotic age. If I find an opportunity to pursue PDF, I definitely will as it would be an add-on feature for me to give enhanced guidance for my students in the near future.

Q2. What are your ideas about digital education system?

Any system comes with a condition apply caution. Same holds good for digital education system as well. There are reasons why our ancestors followed certain ways to execute certain things. Updating students with study materials, posting attendance, assignments, sending messages regarding classes, exam schedule are wonders of digital education system that definitely needs to be appreciated. Chalk and board method is a traditional method followed in class from the beginning. Use of power point presentations sometimes is good, but not all the time. Students may fail to grasp the essence of a topic when everything is dealt with Powerpoint presentation. If one exploits the positives of digital education system to the maximum, then, yes, its absolutely a fantastic system.

Q3. Do you think online education system will be as good as offline/bookish education system ?

To be frank, NO. Its not about bookish education system rather knowing the basics well. Books are written to make the concepts clear and not to educate all the way. Once students read from books, they will understand the basics and then, they will have to build on more to tackle the real-time problems of the society. Sticking onto just one kind of system is definitely not going to work out for the present scenario. A right combo of both online and offline education system is the need of the hour to make education and real life go hand in hand. Only that can benefit the society now.

Q4. What according to you are the major challenges that a student might  face during this educational  revolution?

Well, this digital education system is new to students from rural place who are still accustomed to chalk and board method of teaching. So, they are going to have a difficult time to learn the know bouts of the system. And the communication system in India is not fully strengthened. So, network failures leads to server problems. This is from a technical point of view. Plus the cloud storage capacity, I really wonder if its necessary to store every single thing in the cloud rather than evaluating from hardcopy submission.

Q5. What positive changes do you think we might get from this new educational technology?

With new technologies introduced every day, its mandatory to keep oneself updated. This new educational technology is helpful to update oneself with what’s going on around the world. Change is hard in the beginning, messy in the middle and beautiful in the end. We are witnessing a transition period now. However, one should never forget that old is gold, so with the right mix of traditional education and digital education, we are definitely going to reach new heights.

Q6. What technological impact do you think might happen due to this revolution?

From the day India got independence till date, we are constantly witnessing revolution after revolution that has its own pros and cons. The revolution that we are witnessing right now is the digital revolution. Breaking stereotypes has become the latest chill pill. Just like the changeover from analog-age to digital-age in ‘engineering’ terminology, our nation is in the digital transition phase. Soon, this revolution is going to step up India from ‘developing country’ to ‘developed country’ without any doubt.

Q7. What are you views about PROCTUR ?

Proctur is a wonderful initiation. Keeping up to date with the evolving technology is a great deed and it serves as a connecting bridge between students, teacher and parents which is highly valued at this point of time. Also, advice from academicians is an added value that Proctur has. The app comes in handy to keep things posted and updated. Overall,

Proctur is doing a wonderful job!