“Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing !!” | Pooja Jain M |


We have Pooja Jain M, who is doing her MSc Biotechnology Integrated 4th year in VIT University, Vellore. She being an independent women, has many views about the educational revolution around us. Being a women she loves spending my times at lab and working on different experimental things. She feels digital education system is a next big step towards the development of our country. Let us see what she has to say-

Q.1 What are you doing, tell us yourself? And what plans you have about your future education?

I am Pooja Jain M happily doing my MSc Biotechnology Integrated 4th year in VIT University, Vellore. There are two reasons to exclaim- first, this course actually realized me that what my dream is to be and the second is I am going to complete my masters very soon.

I am basically a rajesthani, Jain Marwari but was born and brought up in southern part of India, in Tamil Nadu. I am a constant learner and explorer. I get more excited when I meet new people as I love listening to people’s stories and different kind of views as that realizes me that 5 fingers are not similar. I love to travel a lot and learn new languages. I know least of 6 languages and still trying to get exposed to more into it. My real life inspiration is my mom, she is an independent women and she inspires me a lot every day.  I am neither too modern nor too simple but I know my how to work out and face the modern world with simple smiles.  I love failures because they make me realize that I am bored of one way and I should start taking the other. I make sure that before my work satisfies anyone else; my work should satisfy me first.

HOBBIES: – Dance, either I am happy or I am sad I just dance, and I am pretty much good at my dancing style. I am a big sports lover and I am a lawn tennis player. Songs are my soul consoler and I love hanging out with my friends as they make me realize how crazy I can be. I love spending my times at lab and experimenting new things and that’s my favourite playing time.

FUTURE EDUCATION: – My field of interest is in neuroscience and I found that after joining my integrated course. The word “neurobiology” has fascinated me a lot that it became my passion as time ran through. And thus, I would like to pursue my doctorate in neurobiology and to specific in cognition.


Q.2  What is your ideas about digital education system?

                                                    Digital education is a new revolution to the country. With its applauding updates in education it has brought a bigger and a much wider platform for the forth coming generation to explore more and upgrade their skills not only theoretically but also practically.

It is very important to take the practical knowledge also parallel with the theoretical knowledge or else at we would land nowhere.  And thus digital education gives our brain an opportunity to get exposure about practical theory and understand in a better way.

But this doesn’t mean that older system was teaching us nothing. It has thought us how to concentrate and how to learn. There is a popular say that “There is nothing better like old school” and that is true. But taking the old school with bit modification with digital education may help people much better in understanding.


Q.3 Do you think online education system will be as good as offline/bookish education system?

Perhaps, online education may be good or may not be. Every debut has both pros and cons and likewise online education has both pros and cons. Pros of online education is it makes study easier and time saving and its cons are it equally makes people lazier.

I prefer offline/bookish education system over online education. Books keep us interesting and make us wonder how it happens and force us to explore when we do not understand anything. But in online education everything is ready in the form of platter, we don’t have to force ourselves and take efforts to dig more information than wanted.

Online education provides the information required but book system or offline system forces us to move from our place and roam around to gain knowledge which is more adventures.


Q.4 What according to you is the major challenges that a student might face during the education revolution?

Spontaneous change is always a major issue which should be taken care at prior. Students may face problems shifting from a monotonous platform but always new things enlighten the student’s brain to try something new always. Adaptability is another major challenge, to get exposed to any new environment especially in learning, it always takes time to get adjust and adapt new revolution.


Q.5 What positive changes would you think we might get from this new educational technology?

Every new technology when it emerges it creates new environment and a chance to expose ourselves in latest fields. New educational technology might give a wide platform to the students to experiment themselves and their skills in new tasks.

The new educational technology would give more number of applications and take us through at different state of level in learning. More than working it would be all skill based work which is more important for a student to get knowledgeable. This would make us experience more in the practical field than the boring concept of theory.

The most important, the start of a topic and the end of the topic will be transparent to the students to learn. It is always notices that a student misses the history and the background of a particular topic which is more important in learning. Without knowing the background and the emergence, a particular topic cannot be carried to study further. And thus, the new educational technology covers up and brings up a positive change.


Q.6 What technological impact do you think might happen due to this revolution?

Every new technology will surely leave some or other good impact on users and to the world. The new educational technology would hike the statistics of the education class to the heights as it provides education at the doorstep, to be more closer-till your hands reach.

People would understand and analyse things more logically as education allows people to think logically and work practically, so the experience would be more considerably. It will enlighten more brains with new innovative ideas in the world with better solutions to the current issues.


Q.7 What is your views about Proctur?

                                                   Proctur is an amazing educational platform which tries to reach out to those people who are interested to write and share their views and reaches out to those people too who wanted much knowledge and interested in reading different views like me. It makes knowing things easy in a comfortable one touch zone. It connects everyone with one single knot and ready to guide at their doorstep. And I am glad that I am part of it and I am happy to share my views and would love to do more.