“Education is a wing to every student who aspires to be a bird ! ” | Sayan Dasgupta


We have a medical student here, Sayan Dasgupta who is doing his degree on Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery from College of Medicine and Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Hospital. He is a very enthusiast and talented person. He has many dreams and many other source of knowledge. he keeps an interest in music and writing too, he is scriptwriter and also has keen interests in many different activities.

Let us know more about him from himself –

Q. What are you doing, tell us about yourself? And what plans do you have about your future education?

I am Sayan Dasgupta, proudly pursuing my dream course of Bachelors of Medicine and Bachelors of Surgery from College of Medicine and Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Hospital, Kalyani Government Medical College of West Bengal. I am presently a 1st year student of MBBS.

I am proud, not of myself, but of the prestigious course in health sciences which I have dreamt of since childhood, the days when parents hand you a Doctor’s set for playing, and now here I am, studying that course itself. The pride lies in the nobility of the profession and the amount of dedication a doctor puts into his services to cure and heal the agonies of mankind, perhaps scissoring out his own personal needs and his very costly private time. I am very much inquisitive by nature and I have a keen interest towards literature. My closest friends all have a literature background, and it is fun to discuss “The Seventh Seal” or “Kubla Khan” with them after a hard day. My mom is a constant source of inspiration for me. She had been my sole teacher and guide in day to day life; I developed my interest in this subject all because of her. I am fond of linguistics and I love o play with the lexicon. I have remained a professional scriptwriter and an actor with “sAwesomeness” and have successfully released our film and working on our next project. My scripts have been nominated moreover in KIFF, JIFF etc. I have worked as an anchor with IYouthmag. I am a social activist with the Pride Movement. I am a trained Hindusthani Classical singer of Patiala Gharana and have learned from Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty and Guruji Jayanta Sarkar. I am a performer of Bharatnatyam in Kalakhetra style. I love painting, doodling, especially portrait making and glass painting. I have learnt elocution skills. I wish to be a Neurosurgeon and a doctorate in Anomaly corrective Operation, a collaborative project of Gene therapy and Clinical Medicine.

Q. What are your ideas about digital education system?

To me digital education has always been the gateway to a plethora of things and questions which are not understandable at first go. The inquisitive nature and my parents efforts have always made me to appreciate digital education from a very early age. When in standard 8, I didn’t understand process of magnetic induction, I resorted to tutorial videos found on internet. When I was in standard 10, the subphases of prophase of meiosis appeared so much confusing, thanks to videos of online biology that made me master those events and for which I gained advantages in my plus 2 level education.

In my higher secondary curriculum, I must say that I was blessed to have got the care and supervision of the best teachers of West Bengal, who nurtured this seedling to be a blooming plant with beautiful buds. Mention is a must because right from my schooling in higher secondary to the tuitions I attended of those stalwart teachers, everyone in those 2 years used projectors, animations and tutorial videos to make concepts simpler to us. When other contemporary students learnt human physiology by learning aquaporin system in the books, I learnt the mechanism by visualizing real images of the phenomenon. Digital education system is always a revolutionary concept which assimilates theoretical and practical knowledge at the same time and with the maximum efficiency with almost no quarrel with offline education system. Rather knowledge gained from texts and a further explanation in animation go hand in hand and my view as a student is that, after this, a student feels confident of what he has learnt, a feeling which is of utmost importance during studying something, which remains actually incomplete after a single lecture or just a video tutorial.

Q. Do you think online education system will be as good as offline/bookish education system?

I should say that online education has every possible potential to be as good as offline education, rather it may outcome the shortcomings of bookish education. With all due respect to chalk and duster system, online education widens up horizons upto which a two dimensional blackboard cannot reach. It is obvious that the ultramicroscopic diagram of a skeletal muscle in molecular levels cannot be represented on a board and that is why educators resolve to colorful ray diagrams at it’s best. But with this online education has it’s major cons.

From personal experience I quote memories when demonstrators used powerpoints to explain a topic, sorry those were not explanations, rather those were lecture readings of the gist of the chapter. It seemed that we had transformed to toddlers again who cannot read and the tutor is helping us just by mere reading, let alone explaining! Thus pedagogic skill is extremely required for presentation of this online education to students, or it may turn the lecture hall into a sleeping dorm, thanks to those few boring school memories! Education which was brought to make the subject interesting ironically turned out to be sleeping pills due to lack of teaching ability. The student who felt uninterested on hearing the lecture may find utmost interest on reading the chapter alone from his prescribed text and reference books though.

Therefore, online and offline education are tools which help a student to reach the pinnacle of knowledge, scarcity of anyone may prohibit one from attaining the same. But it should be kept in mind that geniuses have already made their mark in this world by getting educated in traditional offline education. So the success of bookish education does not have a question mark. In present ages we believe in Education for All, online education helps us to fulfill that dream, students having problems in bookish education can get benefitted by online education and thus prove their might. After all everyone is a genius in different fields, it requires the right nurturing to establish oneself to it’s best!

Q. What according to you are the major challenges that a student might face during the education revolution?

Online education is still a new teaching methodology in our country and of course it will require it’s very own time to find popularity within the masses. As the objective of online education doesn’t lie in the fact that to view a video tutorial in a village school and the students there, on seeing a thing unknown to them getting baffled, rather it’s sole motive is to come out of it’s usual showmanship and provide quality education. Regular connection with books is a must to reap maximum benefit from online tutorials as the latter one may lack many important information which have been explained in details in the books.

Adaptability is another adversity of this system. It is agreed that there are students who do not get interest in their texts, for them we are implementing online education. But in this, we should reconsider the case of those students as well who cannot connect to running words on the screen. For them the blackboards and the dictation is a necessity, implementation of compulsory online education may become a bane to them. Access to online education may also be another factor playing spoilsport in it’s fullproof success, going by the present scenario of our country, internet access and technological advancements which this system strongly demands are yet to be identified by many households.

Q. What positive changes would you think you might get from this new educational technology?

Everything new brings with it hopes and ideas to inculcate. The new online education technology has brought with itself ideas to refine the learning and teaching methodology. It has dared to challenge the uselessness of mere theoretical knowledge and has embraced the utility of practical education based on visualization. Correct knowledge has brought with itself correct conceptions of mechanisms which will again clear the path of correct applied aspects of the theory. Logical approach to education is one of the most important positive change that online education has brought with itself.

Q. What technological impact do you think might happen due to this revolution?

The technological impact which Online education may bring in with itself is widened scope of interactive learning sessions. Learners feel a usual urge to improvise the same video tutorials which had been utilised to teach them. This desire to improve, modify has a greater impact in striving towards excellence. Access to quality knowledge with maximum efficiency and time management, the sole motive of this system can be fulfilled by a number of tools like educational apps, self assessment games, revision videos, portable shortcut tutorials. Digitalisation will thus be able to speak highly of it’s advantages then for bringing a revolutionary change in learning methodology.

Q. What are your views about Proctur?

Proctur is a unique platform which voices the requirements and changes the whole Education system needs to witness overall. It has a strong conception regarding implementation of online education and brings up various innovative incentives to popularise the same. Moreover it connects minds together, the minds which are in constant thinkover process so that education system can be addressed efficiently and it’s flaws minimised. Proctur is thus a justified representative of a true and benevolent faculty advisor who thinks the best for the entire student community and modification of the principles of teaching.