Preparation Guide – Class 12 CBSE | Mathematics | Tejaswi Classes



Mathematics is a subject where it is possible to easily score 100% marks. In addition to providing a solid foundation for further studies, studying mathematics will help boost your overall percentage. Here are some Tips and Tricks to help you succeed?


  1. Relation and Functions: (10 Marks)
  • Relations & Functions (5 Marks)
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions (5 Marks)
  1. Algebra (13 Marks)
  • Matrices (8 Marks)
  • Determinants (5 Marks)
  1. Calculus (44 Marks)
  • Continuity and Differentiability (8 Marks)
  • Application of Derivative (10 Marks)
  • Integration: (12 Marks)
  • Application of Integral (6 Marks)
  • Differential Equations (8 Marks)
  1. Vectors and three Dimensional Geometry (17 Marks)
  • Vectors (6 Marks)
  • Three Dimensional Geometry (11 Marks)
  1. Linear Programming (6 Marks)
  2. Probability (10 Marks)

Total: 100 Marks


  • Keep a separate list of important concepts and Formulae to revise as often as possible.
  • Master the applications of formulae
  • If there are any doubts clear them with your teacher as soon as possible, don’t leave clearing of doubts till last day.
  • Study basic concepts from NCERT books and practice both examples and questions given in NCERT.
  • Give extra attention to topics with higher marks weightage.
  • Practice questions from previous year sample papers and model papers within the time frame you will have at the final exam.
  • Create a study schedule, focusing on your weak areas but still giving time to brush up on already completed topics.
  • Write out answers to get into the habit of answering questions in required format.
  • Make an effort to write answers neatly, and pay attention to details.
  • Try to practice a variety of questions from different topics to gain speed.
  • Maths plays an important role in many fields.
  • Studying Maths also helps improve logical and analytical thinking. The key to success is practice, practice and practice.To know more about the Institute: Visit