“The more you study, the more knowledge you gain !!” | KASTURI SANYAL


We have with us Kasturi Sanyal, who is an ex-Vitan, and is currently working on a project with Jain university in Bangalore. She has done her b.tech in Biotechnology and aspires to study further in management field for her masters. She has a enthusiasm for management subjects as well as a strong love for biology and all living organism. She loves pets and owns a few. Let us see what she has to say –


Q. What are you doing now, tell us about yourself? What plans do you have about your future education?

I am Kasturi Sanyal presently, I am working in Jain University, Bangalore as a project intern for six months. I have completed my B.tech in Biotechnology from VIT University. I want to continue in management stream for my masters.

Q. What are your ideas about digital education system?

Digital education system is highly essential in today’s world of technology. Starting from getting hold of a book till collection of information from every part of this world has all been possible only because of digital education. It is also very cost effective by providing eBooks  for all the required study materials. Hence, digital education is by far one of the best initiatives taken till date which are actually helpful for extracting any kind of information for the sources.

Q. Do you think online education system will be as good as offline/bookish education system?

First of all, online education shouldn’t be compared with offline/bookish system of education. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this era of technological advancements, digital education is the most preferred system. Easy availability of study materials, proper guidance, being upto date with the facts are the highlights of the online education system. Many a times it becomes  nearly impossible to get hold of an important book which is done very easily with the help of the digital world. So, as of now online education will be at par with offline/bookish education system.

Q. What according to you are the major challenges that a student might face during this educational revolution?

One of the major problems that the student might face during this educational revolution is getting hold of the system at first. Once the student is used to the system, they can easily utilize the system at their own lease. Still there are many challenges that as student might face in this system. One of the main hazard being, the negative effect it has on the eyes giving strain for continuous usage of electronic devices. Loss of communication skills and the ability of interacting with each other is decreasing day by day as people are working as an individual after getting easy access to all kind of required information.

Q. What positive changes do you think we might get from this new educational technology?

Many positive changes have occurred after the introduction of digital education. One most important one being globalization. This have brought about services like distance education, webinars, video calls connecting people who are miles apart, Transfer of information becomes very easy with the digital education system.

 Q. What technological impact do you think might happen due to this revolution?

Positive technological impact will definitely happen due to this revolution. More and more connections are building up day by day as people from all over the world try to connect for exchange of their knowledge. Activities related to new technologies have increased tremendously. This will also lead to development of more updated softwares that  would make work  easier and more accessible for future use.

Q. What are your views about Proctur?

Proctur is a very good initiative to get involved in the present education system of India and improving it to the best. Involving the system of digital education in this technologically advancing era is very essential. Providing proper guidance accompanied by study materials as per the necessity of the student is made very easy by Proctur.