” A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning ! ” | Dr. SMITA SINGH BANERJEE


Being a Doctor is a very big responsibility and a dedication.  Patients are considered to be the primary importance over anything else. Despite of such hardships we see so many people urging to become a doctor, to serve the nation and its people. One such doctor we have here today with us, Dr Smita. She would be sharing her views and ideas regarding the new and modern educational system.

Lets see what she has to share with us:

Q: You are a representative of an important subject of medical professional course. What do you think makes the subject and it’s learning so important?

Anatomy is a pre-clinical subject of medical science curriculum which is of immense importance in the entire medical. Diagnostic system. Trend says that the pre-clinical subjects are the base of all. Clinical subjects like Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pulmonary medicine, Cardiology, Gastroenterology and various other multi-specialty. A practicing physician must have a sound knowledge of the structures and complications of the human body to identify diagnose and eliminate medical anomalies in the patient’s body. From the time of Andreas Vesalius or Hippocrates, Anatomy has been the core subject for the whole medical prognosis. Moreover para-clinical radiological substances involving the use of x rays, ultrasonography, tomography scans and magnetic resonance imaging too require good proficiency in Anatomy.

Q: What according to you are the ways in which the subject and its learning methodology can be made more interesting to the students?

In any medical school, teachers and students have found a common scenario that students have a dreadful fright against the subject. Anatomy exams and part completion tests are a constant source of anxiety for students and it has been so for years eternal. The vastness of the subject has been the chief reason why the subject has been considered frightful. The tougher aspect of the subject is that it is said to depend on memorizing skill and the irony lies there that in spite of heavily depending on memory, a good learner too is bound to forget the anastomosis which he had learnt a couple of hours ago. I would say that the subject is not a memory based one in the strictest sense but undoubtedly it requires rapt attention and fullest concentration of the student. An analogous understanding of the human body in greater aspects and a determination to remember the positioning of bones, muscles, nerves and vessels is thus essential.

Thus keeping into consideration all these adversities of a very important subject, it is the utmost need of the hour, to make the subject interesting for aspiring doctors, and in it, teaching ability plays an important role. Both the lecture professors and demonstrators have equal responsibility to provide quality knowledge in a learner friendly way. Mere drawing of diagram of reading out a PowerPoint presentation will not serve the purpose. Moreover the popular texts too need to improve their content and update it accordingly to latest versions, in terms of representation, keeping in mind that a student needs to visualize pictorial and schematic diagram and the real high definition picture of the human body simultaneously in his personal study hours.

Then comes the role of the student as it has been pointed out previously that the subject demands rapt attention and determination to remember the structural framework of the human body. A combined effort of all these factors will make a student confident in the dissection hall and theory exams.

Q: Do you think online education system can play a revolutionary role in medical education system? Explain your views.

Online education can and has already played an astounding role in imparting medical education. In every medical college we use projectors, arrange smart-classes, online demonstration, video lectures of eminent professors, and mostly the use of animation is absolutely necessary for the benefit of our students. It is impossible for us to explain every details of a certain topic in the brevity of one lecture class, so we resort to the most necessary points in a PowerPoint presentation with correct and well defined diagrams. Diagrammatic representation of a complex structure of the epiploic foramen is not always so easily possible manually, diagrams from famous books and technology has come to the rescue in such respects and it can be said undoubtedly that it was actually done for the betterment.

Q: What according to you are the ways in which if online education made available can yield greatest success?

As I have already pointed out, medical colleges have been using projectors and smart boards for teaching purpose for a long time. But still I think there are a few more ways in which the plethora of knowledge can be transferred to neuronal memory by electronic means. Like personal notebooks of students there should be Tab books which record student’s day to day lessons, analyses the progress reports of the pupil and arranges for amendments there. Use of animation should be made almost compulsory as opening of ion camels or the tendency of ossification can be learnt with more clarity. Thus, undoubtedly with a few more advancements, online education is indispensable in academic ways. Technology also aids administrative or non academic works as well in our college, online fees portal, academic record of students, examination portals etc.

Q: Place your opinion on the adaptability of online education.

Adaptability is definitely an important factor among the students, teachers and staff of the college to utilize technology in education system. On personal views I support online education to the fullest and study trends and teaching experience have justified my statement. Learning the huge course of medicine and surgery becomes impossible in such brevity without interest and that interest needs to be inculcated. That doesn’t mean we don’t do or discourage others in chalk and talk.

Q: What are your views on Proctur?

Proctur is a wonderful initiative of budding scholars which aims to bring and question the usual, and that has definitely made them unique. Their attempts at making the educational system technologically organized are appreciable. And I believe for sure that we will together achieve this dream and India would boast of world class education and learning methodology very soon.