The Evolutionary Worth of Coaching!


When we search for the dictionary meaning of education we will find description like “an enlightening experience”, “The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, at a school or university”. This literal meaning has no coexistence with the reality of education. This uncertainty in school education has led to the boom of tuitions/ coaching classes. There was a time when only weak students preferred to go coaching centres for extra academic help. But nowadays, along with the increase in competition, craze of coaching centres is also grooming among the good students and their parents. The coaching centres has now become almost a necessity, for which several reasons can be assigned. There might be a thousand good reasons to send a kid to coaching institution but logically learning the same things from two different places consumes most of their time.

As we know that proper guidance is necessary. Children receive either individual care or are put into classes with smaller student-to-teacher ratio. Coaching centres have experienced and qualified teachers, who have been in the business long enough to understand and analyse test patterns and identify the need of the day. Their responsibility does not end with just teaching the curriculum. . Coaching classes provide training for specific entrance examinations, which eventually reduces the load on the students and gives them guidance at one place. They provide relevant, exam-oriented suggestions, notes and handouts, which help students utilise their time optimally. These classes and teachers also give students the scope to clarify their doubts. Thus, coaching classes include guidance from the experienced in the field and use of technology, which helps in understanding the concepts in a more easier way.


But one of the primary disadvantages is that very often these coaching centres charge hefty fees that students may find difficult to shell out. In lots of cases students are taken in by the tall claims of many coaching centres and enroll only to find that it does not help them get the desired results.

Therefore, Coaching classes cause a dent in the pocket, with no guarantee of return value. All the big names in the field of IIT coaching charge more than a lakh per year for their two years classroom course. It excludes the charges for food and lodging if a student from outside the city opts for their facilities. The National Commission on Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS) has pointed out that going by consumer expenditure data, 78% of Indians are forced to manage with Rs. 20 or less per day – indicating three-fourths of the population live in poverty. So, by those numbers, coaching fees take the salt of food for any average family. But then names like Anand Kumar of the Super 30 fame cannot be ignored, where he teaches the underprivileged students of the society and has got excellent success track record in IIT JEE

At the end of the day, Coaching classes use different methods to those utilized in the classroom. This means alternative approaches to learning that could be more suitable to a child are made available. Coaching classes also artificially boost a child’s performance. Also, in this era of  modern education where the pattern and style of examinations are becoming more challenging day by day, proper training is required to get flying colors in exams. Even the student who cracked IIT from jail was a student of a renowned coaching class. Therefore, escape from them is rare but in the end it is your effort that will fetch you the kind of results you desire as we all know there is no replacement to “Self-study”.