The Story of KOTA : The Mecca of Coaching Centres


Two decades ago Kota was just a normal city with renowned industries like JK synthetics, Sethi marbles etc. Then came Bansal Classes which is the brainchild of V.K. Bansal who began his career as a tutor teaching a single student on his dining table. He had just been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy back then and was on the verge of losing his job with JK Synthetics Limited. Today, Bansal classes are based in three centres in Rajasthan – Kota, Ajmer and Jaipur – and total annual revenues are pegged at over a billion rupees. The Kota centre along admits almost 20,000 students each year, of which 10% make it to the IITs and more astounding is the cascading effect Bansal Classes has had in the town of Kota, which has gained a name as a major hub for specialised tutoring. It all adds up is the inspiring story of a man who overcame disability to rewrite his destiny and in so doing, he turned around the fortunes of an entire city. Now Kota has become the hub of  IIT/NEET preparation with hundreds of other coaching classes that are a part of these educational hubs. Not only that the literate people got a job but also all the paying guest, Tiffin system, hostels, transportation, dummy schools, everyone got into the cycle of this huge business.

Three factors that make Kota Coaching Institutes Numero Uno in the country:
Highly Qualified Educators:  All the prominent coaching institutes in Kota have appointed highly qualified teachers, who have also been working as doctors, engineers and university professors for a long time.
Education Pattern:  Regular classes and rigorous preparation methods, which are followed at these institutes, are amazing. All the coaching institutes, whether they are training students for UPSC Exams, Bank Exams or any medical and engineering exam, conduct problem classes, which are specifically designed to help students to achieve expertise in the most crucial topics or subjects.
Test Programmes:  Some of the institutes such as Allen Career, Career Point and Bansal Classes for medical and engineering preparation; and Kota Classes, Soni Classes and Disha Classes for B. Ed., Bank PO, Railway Exams , and Civil Services Exams conduct test programmes on national and state levels that prepare students to handle the Stress during the real exam time.

Every year, almost 120,000 students from all parts of India descend on this city hoping to undergo intensive learning/cramming programmes. Most of the students here dream of becoming an “IITian”. And Kota has transformed from an industrial town to an educational one, all thanks to the coaching factories that produce students with test-taking skills all year round.

Currently, there are more than 150 coaching centres, big and small, concentrated in this city of two million people. The hallways of these institutes are always buzzing with activity with students bent over their books while teachers wait at the “Doubt Counters” for students to ask them questions.

All that glitter is not gold, not everyone who studies in these coaching institutes cracks IIT. They all dream of IIT. As do 1.4 million others appear for the IIT-JEE every year. In the end, how many will succeed and how many will fall through the cracks? This very question has even taken a lot of students’ life in Kota.

But the optimise in every students’ hearts bring them to this miracle land of contemporary education.

All you need to do this, mould a pinch of the professional coaching, devotional hard work and steady focus which in the end is considered to be the soulful mantra of  KOTA.