Self sufficiency is the lead to success | Rana Mathematics | New Delhi


One fine weekend when Rana Sir took all his classes and wanted to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Then he realises that for him taking holidays was not like other people. He doesn’t have to go to his boss and request a day off. Reason being, he was the owner as well as admin of his own Institution “RANA Mathematics”. His institution has 300 students and he had to handle all of them single handed. Most of the times it’s a very hectic job and he doesn’t get a break from his work. Then there are other problems like proper fee collection, attendance details and enquiries from parents. Maintaining all these was a difficult job. In the competitive world of educators, one’s institution must be perfect in all dimensions to make it among the top.

Due to increase in the number of students, his focus on teaching decreased as most of the time he was busy managing the institution. Then he came across a pocket classroom app. At first, he was scared to use it but later he thought of giving it a shot.  Now it’s been long since he has been using the app and he is satisfied with it. He even doesn’t need any laptop or a different software. All he needs to do is open the app on his smartphone and make all the updates regarding the fee, attendance, schedule etc. Proctur facilitates Rana Sir with the managerial service and makes it easier for him to function his institution.

At the same time, it sends a reminder to the parents about the amount left to be paid. It also notifies the parents about their kid’s attendance in the class so no kids can bunk their classes. As a result of which all the students are doing well in mathematics. All this techie advancement made the parents reliable to Rana Mathematics institution. In the end with Proctur’s digital service, there is no more messy administration, only good education.