Right Control Under Right Hands | Axis Tutorials | New Delhi


In the era of 21st-century, professionalism strives the success of one’s institution. Axis Tutorials had only one branch in the beginning but soon it expanded into one more branch. This success was due to amazing teaching and good administration system. The expansion can only be continued further if the quality is maintained. Being the owner of Axis, it would be a right decision to personally take care of both the branches. As both, the branches should get the best education and the quality of the coaching can’t be compromised. The easy way was to have the control under the owner so that he can evaluate all the branches properly.

But having a control over all the branches is a tedious work. It became a problem because the owner had to travel to all the branches to keep a check on the working. It became hectic and keeping so much under records was not humanly possible. So he started using the Proctur app where he can see the updates of each and every class of both the branches. He doesn’t have to go around maintaining the bulky registers and checking them, as all the data he wants information about; is one click away. He can see the work of the teachers and know about their timelines and teaching times. Finance of the coaching class can also be controlled as he receives the notification of all the fees payments in his mobile itself. All the information about any student or teacher is also available. The working of the whole institution can be looked after easily.  This not only gives admin time to relax but he can plan his further steps towards doing big for his institution.

Both the branches remain interconnected and access to any functionality regarding any branch is easily available; he doesn’t need to worry about travelling. The quality of every branch remains intact and the administration can expand more without any worries. Simple usage of technology can be bliss.