Boost Admissions with Proper Enquiry Handling


In today’s technology driven world, it has become of utmost importance to keep a know-how of the various technologies available in the market and their pros and cons. While huge think tanks and large firms have the ability to employ as many people as required to manage their back-end operations, small scale setups and start-ups may not have the resources to hire as much manpower as they would require. In such cases, one has to rely on technology which can actually relieve them of the managerial burden of their coaching institute. With improved accessibility and affordability, parents are depending on coaching institutes for their child’s education which has led to an outburst of enquiries on a daily basis, thus creating an immediate requirement for an abled enquiry management system. Proctur comes in handy for managing just the most tedious of administrative work and helps in easing out the burden of enquirers and their enquiries for the admin as well as the owner.

Enquiry management is one very major section for any institute since that is how they get to interact with new stakeholders and be able to come across suitable candidates who can register for their classes and benefit from it. With Proctur, enquiry management becomes a very simple and convenient task at hand. The brilliance of the software is in the fact that it eases the process of marketing and communication for the management. As soon as an enquiry is added to the system, an automatic SMS with the institute’s details is sent to the enquirer. Further, ad hoc messages can be sent to any enquiry or set of enquiries at any given time. The system also has the feature of getting integrated with MailChimp in order to send bulk marketing emails. It also allows the user to upload leads and send bulk marketing SMS’s in one go, thus simplifying some of the most laborious processes of enquiry handling.

The software provides the user to manage all enquiries at one place, just like a database of all the enquirers. What is even better is that you can directly add or upload enquiries to the software and further link it to websites such as Sulekha, Facebook, Just dial etc. to manage enquiries through social networking and information websites directly. The second best thing about the enquiry management with the software is that you can maintain as much information as you want for the enquirers without any worry of forgetting or missing an important point. The system even allows you to create customised enquiry forms as per your requirement. And the best part is, if an enquirer wants to get admitted to your institute, you don’t need to sit and create another detailed sheet about all of their specifications; you have the option of direct admission from the enquiry form.

Usually when manual force is trying to manage enquirers’ details, there is a chance of skipping or forgetting to schedule follow-ups with some of the enquirers. With Proctur, missing a follow up will never be a concern. The system automatically displays the list of enquirers that need to be contacted for follow-up on a particular day and the user can also set SMS reminders which can notify them on the day of the follow up to avoid any chance of forgetting a particular enquirer. And even if you do end up missing a follow up, you can always send an SMS notification to the manager informing them about the missed follow-up. What is amazing is the fact that one can see reports which are generated at the end of each day with bifurcated information on the enquiries handled on that day, the number of institute walk-ins, fee collection etc. You also get an email of the automatically generated report at the end of the day which you can sit and analyse at a later hour.

In case of an institute having multiple branches, the system enables the user to transfer enquiries across branches with notifications for the same. The Head Branch can always monitor enquiries across all branches and the admission is allowed through the Head Branch to avoid any system based confusion. An option of special custom reports is also available for multiple branches and the user receives automatic reports of each branch at the end of the day, which helps in keeping a track of progress and the number of enquirers handled in a day. Thus the software provides ample benefits in different domains of management which makes it unique and extremely useful for all kinds of educational setups. It is carefully designed and constructed with precision, keeping in mind all the possible requirements of the management of a coaching institute.

Technology was created by humans in order to transform the conventional way of doing chores and to increase the ease of life. This technological advancement has benefitted us in all walks of life and has opened newer avenues which requires deconstructing the complexities of manual work flow and supplant it with a digitalised alternative. What we need to understand through it all is that the process of learning never ceases and as technology becomes advanced, so does our understanding in handling the same.