Hassle Free and Timely Fee Collection

Fee Management

One of the most difficult tasks while working with an enormous strength of students in a coaching institute is when the time comes for fee payment and fee collection. The whole process of maintaining record of each and every student who paid the fees and who are fee defaulters makes the task extremely cumbersome and exhausting for the person in charge of maintaining accounts related datasheets. At such point of time, one wishes to have a helping hand who could reduce the work load and simplify the process to a large extent. Proctur does just that by providing an efficient fee management system to the institute. The biggest help that the app provides to its user is its ability of fee scheduling for each student and applying the available discounting options as and when required.

The software has an automatic reminder system which intimates the accounts section as well as the parents/students regarding the upcoming fee payment, thus enabling timely fee payment and its collection. These reminders are sent at various occasions such as those sent to parents for fee reminders before due date, on due date and in case of fee defaulters, even after due date. The reminders are sent in the form of emails and SMSs. In case of students who have not paid the fee, the system quickly identifies these defaulters and sends reminders regarding the due fee payment by them. The software also provides the students with the facility of making fee payments online from their login. After the fee is paid and it is received by the accounts department, an automatic receipt generation by the software helps the giver and the taker in record maintenance.

What the software does by taking care of these small and important details is that it creates a sense of professionalism amongst all the stakeholders by automating processes such as fee receipt generation and email notifications to parents. This in turn improves the image of the institute among students and their parents and leads to the spread of good word about the institute as well, attracting interested students for admission. The added benefits of the software also include an automatic SMS generation for fee collection, cheque reminders or bounced cheques. Cheque reminders are sent to parents in order to maintain sufficient balance in their accounts for fee payment and in case a cheque bounces, an intimation regarding the same is sent to the student/ parent as well as the institute’s administration. A reminder is also generated to bring to the attention of the administration regarding post-dated cheques to deposit collected cheques to the bank. A daily fee collection report along with analytics is provided by the system to the institute owner.

Another important feature of the software is its ability to generate advanced reports along with analytics. The system is able to automatically generate due fees report, payment history report, receipt generation reports, accumulate data for teacher salary calculation and even the fee collection reports which can be sorted on the basis of course, instalments, date wise and payment method wise for ease of reference and future use. The software provides the best possible way to manage data and work with it without hassle of any sort. The database for students’ fee details (for e.g. discount information) is one of the possible databases which is conveniently managed by the software. It also allows the administration to maintain fees at student level and provides easy customisation for each student as per requirement. The software enables updating of fee payments from mobile application itself for the institute’s administration. The software just makes managing an institute much easier and upbeat by being a solution to all problems one could possibly come across while dealing with institute management.

From timely and hassle free fee collection to its ability of reducing cost because of the added feature of automatic SMS/ email and facilitating the means of making online payments, Proctur helps the institute in creating its own brand name among parents and thus leads to an increase in the institute’s reputation and popularity.

“With great power comes great responsibility” is one of the most overused quote of all times. What we fail to understand is that it is overused because it is pretty much applicable in all walks of life. Education is like an empty sack and the educator plays the role of filling this sack with goods that will last a lifetime. In order for the educator to be good at what he does best (i.e. educating), he/she requires the support of those around them who can not only guide them through but also help them achieve this massive task. Thus, it becomes extremely important to understand the need and requirement of your institute and find an apt solution for the same so as to provide an overall excellent experience and customer satisfaction.