Student Admission Through Tablet


“Change is the only constant in the world” and we are very well aware of that. When we talk about change, we refer to the transition from conventional methods to more advanced methods which improve lifestyle and increase convenience. Technology is centric to all changes which are taking place in today’s time and has escalated the speed of innovation exponentially in the recent years. With industries trying to cope up with increased usage of technology, the transformation in coaching industry has also been prominent with many institutes changing their practices from manual to tech-based and this change is inevitable in the near future for those who are still trying to make up their minds about this evolution.

Admission opening and related activities is the key activity of any institute because not only does it generate income but also directly influences the name and reputation of the institute. With an outburst of students enrolling for coaching classes for various reasons, from primary till higher secondary and for other professional courses, enquiry and admission management has become a cumbersome task manually due to increase in manpower and the efforts to maintain records and general enrollment data. With the current scenario of admissions, a student or an enquirer usually visits the institute to gather all the information regarding the courses, fee structure etc. and the administrative staff asks them to fill up a form physically with all their details for future reference or on the spot enrollment. This data is then, either entered manually to the desktop by the staff in charge or the form is as it is attached as part of a record. Not only does this increase the amount of time in dealing with an enquirer/ student but it also leads to increased work in jotting down and then preserving their details for further use, thus occupying physical space and increasing work load.

With Proctur, this scenario can be transformed by bringing in a new process of dealing with admission related work. The process becomes quite simple and user friendly with the mere use of technology for dealing with customers and their requirements. For this new method of enrollment, the institute requires a tablet at the reception desk. When an enquirer/ student visits the institute for information gathering, the staff needs to ask them to spare hardly a minute to fill in the details on the form through the tablet, thus cutting down on time required for dealing with a customer and jotting down their details. Next, this data, once submitted, directly goes to Proctur. Now the administrative staff dealing with Proctur directly is able to proceed with the admission on the spot in Proctur by the click of a button and voila; Student enrolled!

This method can change the way of going about admissions and help the institute staff in maintaining enquirer data way more easily and efficiently. Further, being tech savvy will only bring the institute in limelight for students as well as parents and will help them up their brand image in comparison to their close competitors. In our fast paced world, people require a reason to slow down and acknowledge the uniqueness of something and this something for institutes will be Proctur and its excellent attributes which will set the institute apart from the rest!