Mr.Sanjay had always dream of setting up his own tuition classes in his small town. His dream had ignited because of his passion and experience in the subject as well as the dearth of proper resources in his town for the students to utilize in order to succeed in the field of Science after his BE. Facing the many problems persistent in backward areas of India, many houses in the town did not have a full-time connection of electricity and very few of the households had mobile phones due to financial constraints. He started his classes in a small setup with bare minimum fee but as more number of students enrolled, he had to expand his resources which led to him shifting to a bigger setup, leading to the need of staff for management of the classes. With affordability being a big setback in hiring a new employee to help him with his classes, he started looking for alternatives to streamline the administrative work for his classes. While visiting his brother based in Pune, he happened to mention his management issue to his brother. His brother taught him how to use a smartphone, after which they came across the Proctur app on Google Play. He was very hesitant to give it a try at first and his biggest fear was on how to operate it and understand all of the app’s features.
The first thing he did was to contact customer service so as to learn how to use the app in the best way possible. He was very happy with the fact that there was 24X7 customer service and no matter what time it was, there always was some customer service executive who got back to him and cleared his queries. The tutorials offered by Proctur service proved to be very beneficial to him and made him understand how to use the app. They also helped him walk through the different features, customizations and benefits of using the app. As skeptical as he was in the beginning, he soon gained confidence in using the app like a pro. He mentioned how panicked he was to learn and depend on technology and how he had thought that it would be too difficult and complicated to use.
But now, after using the app for a good span of three years, he is very comfortable with using the app and understands how user friendly it really is. His classes have become a saviour for all in and around the small town, and he takes nearly 8 batches per day for different classes. He says that had it not been the excellent managing ability of the app, he would not have been able to fulfil his dream of helping more and more kids from his area to succeed and build a career in Desired Fields. Not only are his classes economical with minimal fee charged per month, his special attention towards girls and various awareness sessions to promote girl education in the area has made his classes very famous in the vicinity. He fondly talks about Ravindra Patidar, the sole manager of his coaching classes. Ravindra has been looking after administration of the institute since its initiation and has efficiently handled management through Proctur too. Mr Sanjay is able to channelize all of his energy and most of his time in improving his lecture material and notes for the students rather than managing and maintaining log books and data entries for long hours. He is happy with the different ways in which he can help his students in and out of the classroom, ranging from daily practice papers to improve their performance, live classes through Proctur whenever necessary to proper exam preparation using resources uploaded through the app. He is also appreciative of the fact that he is able to organise monthly parent-teacher meetings and motivational seminars for the students to encourage, inspire and guide them during stressful times. He also highlights the features of reminder setting, setting events and managing enquiries through the app which have made a whole lot of difference for him. He wants to expand his classes someday and plans on using the app, in any case.