Year 2000, the millennium year, the beginning of a new era in the field of commerce education. Young Qualified MSW, Mr Amit Darji left his corporate job to redefine commerce education. He started U WILL Classes with 10 students from a small corner room of this house.
Year 2004, Mr. Sagar Desai, a qualified Chartered Accountant, quit his Job at General Motors and Joined U WILL Classes. Year 2004 was the year when U WILL started coaching centers at Commercial Premises.
At the nascent stage, the institute only had one operational branch but soon after the requirement for these classes was identified by Mr Amit and Mr.Sagar, because of the institute’s immense success and positive feedbacks, he further expanded the institute by setting up new branches all across. Today, the Institute has 14 locations (10 in Vadodara and 4 in Ahmedabad) with around 3000 students annually eager to excel in learning for Commerce.
Being the owners of the franchise, they had employed managers and other staff members for each branch. The only issue he now faced was exercising control over these branches and timely monitoring them. They mentioned how difficult it was for them to make sure that every branch was kept in the loop and that they were being managed and administered in a similar manner to maintain uniformity and consistency. It had become very difficult for them to go for inspection all the time and keeping checks on finances and log books were also posing as a big hurdle. They were frantically searching for alternatives to reduce stress levels and ensure safe and systematic management which could keep a check on at all times. After vigorous research, they finally came across the website and decided to get in touch with the team immediately. They gave it one try and the results left him ecstatic. The app fulfilled all the requirements they had thought about. They were now just a click away from keeping a close eye on the number of students being admitted at each branch, their records and fee payment history. Further, were able to assure the consistency in the quality of teaching as well as other services being provided by the institute to the students. Having everything and everyone under supervision led to fewer complications and timely solutions to short-term as well as long-term problems.
In this extremely fast pacing world, it is very important to utilize your time and generate maximum output and Team U WILL feels that this app has given them just that.
At present, they are able to keep a complete track of student and teachers activities, monitor them and exercise good control over them. Even when the server is down at any branch of the institute, they are able to modify log books based on the records stored in the app. This not only gives him an upper hand but also helps in keeping a check on any suspicious and incoherent activities occurring at any of the branches. With the app being so handy, quality control and quality assurance have become very easy to carry out even without being present at the branch in person at that moment of time.
Proctur has helped them not only as an Institute but is bringing a big change in the life of students by helping students monitoring their performance and keep a track of all their activities. Now Parents can also view their child’s performance whenever they wish.
They ended the conversation with the quote “Proctur App is our all time manager 24/7 and our partner in growth” Proctur App has proved to be a catalyzer in their growth story from 1 location to 14 locations and many more to come.