Pen Coaching-Personalized tutoring for success


Pen coaching started a few years ago with the aim of educating and improving the learning capacity of children currently enrolled in school & college. Their biggest challenge was to streamline management of their institute through a digital interface which could be used by key stakeholders, mainly the students, parents, teachers and the managers. They found their savior when they started using the Proctur App and their lives have been at ease ever since. Proctor’s mission has been to constantly improvise the existing software in order to fulfil the needs and be in accordance with the requirement of the market. That being said, the app has offered a variety of benefits to the institute which clearly has set it apart from the other software packages they have used in the past.

What Mr C.T. Manjunath felt was the most incredible thing about the Proctur team was their inclination towards making changes to the existing interface so that they are able to cater to the demands of all the stakeholders involved in the field of education, at the giving as well as the receiving end. With rapid advancements in technology and continuous changes in the field of education and management, it is important for any business to undergo vigorous research to become unparalleled in their venture and to be classified as experts in the same arena. With an eye for fine details and minute intricacies, he feels that the app has managed to become a software which provides a number of features to its users, thus bringing more to the plate than the stakeholders could imagine. Further, the precise feature which distinguishes the app from the others is the unique feature of the software to be transformed into a personalized app for its owner and to be able to be used as a brand name for the marketing of their coaching institute. To let the owner exercise such a huge amount of power over the app, the software has offered teachers and managers a unique experience of implementing and modifying the app based on their personal preferences.

While using any new piece of technology, one needs to go through its user manual and most of the times we do not really bother to read through every bit of information provided on the manual, only to get stuck at some aspect of the technology later. With this app comes a hassle-free and guaranteed 24X7 customer service which not only gives you training on how to use the software but literally guides you through every bit of information that there is to make the app extremely user-friendly. In case of any queries or trouble at any point of time, customer service has always been just a call away and help has reached in no time, says Mr C.T. Manjunath What is even better about the software is that it comes with easy implementation and usage. Even for parents and students who are at the receiving end of the chain, this app has provided a range of benefits, he believes; from reminders for fee payment to course material right at the tip of the student’s fingertips, the app has not disappointed any person involved in the chain. It has not only helped in record entry and management but has been able to make communication very easy and sharing of information convenient for both ends, thus providing a win-win situation.