The story of V academy turning to “We” academy”


Providing quality education is a funnel view of several aspects together, where the narrow end is the quality education channel and the wider end is the background contribution to the education channel on the other end.

Education not only depends on the faculty who is delivering but also on the background aspects that help the faculty to deliver education with ease. Factors like student record management, report management, exam management etc are also the factors that help in delivering quality education. Even if you deliver lessons correctly but not able to examine the lessons provided,or keep track of the student presence in the lessons you will not be able to make sure that a student education is not being compromised.

Realizing the importance of the funnel structure, V academy from Maharashtra started looking for a system that can help them manage the base view i.e. the management of the institution and help them deliver quality education to their students.

Mr.P.S. jadhav, founder of V-Academy shared his experience with Proctur about the education demands in Maharashtra. V academy is one of the well known institution in Maharashtra and they wanted to increase the number of students who trusted their institution. Mr.P.S. jadhav told about the problems they are facing due to increasing number of students, not only the issue with student record management but also they were lacking the trust of the parents whose children were a part of their institution. During this condition, Mr. Jadhav was in search for an organization that can not only provide a solution but also quality support to help him in this situation as closely as possible.

When Proctur connected to Mr.P.S. jadhav, we first understood the structure of the academy and the problems they were going through. Mr. Jadhav is not a technical person but he wanted to understand every bit of the solution that was to be implemented and our assistance helped him understand every bit of it whenever he approached us with a query.
Mr. Jadhav had exposure to approximately 9 software that he has used previously for his academy, but he believes Proctur to be the best solution for his academy.

Proctur helped the academy by providing exam management, student record management, fee management, attendance management , publishing of exam results in report form and many more features but the language support in Marathi for sending SMS to parents for any announcements was one of the most favorite feature of Mr.P.S. jadhav as it helped making the messages more personalized and easy to understand for the parents who only understood local language. It felt really amazing when the parents who came to visit the academy for their child’s progress report always appreciated the complete integration of services through the software being used which helped them gain trust of the parents. With Proctur application, Mr. Jadhav is now able to manage the institution from any device and any location which helped him overcome the need of physical presence in the academy.

Proctur application helped V academy in implementing better and controlled management through record maintenance for each student and helped them entertain around 100 more students. With the gain of parent’s trust, V academy became “we” academy, that values not only the education but also the trust of the parents.