The story of Edufocuss streamlining their focus with Proctur

Proctur Success Stories

“June-July”, as hot is the summer so is the pressure in the students for clearing the entrances. A lot of students think of joining an institution for the coaching that help sail their boat but that is not as easy as it looks. We can find the students roaming around us all day. This never-ending pressure and increasing competition is totally off the limits that we can even think off. The chase for clearing the entrances is what every student has to face when they enter into this ground but should availability of resources for preparation be an obstacle in their path?
Edufocuss, led by Deepak Vishwakarma is a place to guide you with the path to reach your goal under the best learning environment with a structured learning plan. This institute does a commendable job in training students for CSIR-UGC-NET/JRF (Life Sciences & Chemistry ), GATE (Life Sciences/Biotech/Chemistry ), IIT-JAM and other prestigious examinations like DBT-JRF/ICMR/ASRB-NET as well as JNU & BHU M.Sc Life Sciences & Chemistry entrance examinations.
Edufocuss with their name throughout the region are already doing wonders. Their course content is a great mix of classes, smart classes with videos/animation provision, problem-solving and doubt sessions supplemented with in-depth and thoroughly revised study materials, enriching education-packed and sealed within each course.
Edufocuss’s website showcased the high success rate of Edufocuss and their connect with each student. Deepak Vishwakarma says, the expectation from an educational institute is always about making the society better for all and to bring out one’s true potential in the service of the mankind. With Deepak’s great initiative and thoughts, he planned to reach out to more number of students and help them succeed through an Proctur app, so that access to knowledge and lessons is not a problem for students anymore.
Edufocuss planned to add another milestone to their journey and reached out to Proctur to make this journey worthwhile.With this the expectation from Proctur was increased and everyone was waiting for the solution we will provide to the Edufocuss students to encourage their learning.
A little well spent time conversing with Deepak Vishwakarma made us realize their utter need to help students who are preparing for their entrance. It was great to have this talk with him that made us realize how important it is to Edufocuss that resource availability is never a problem to their students. Proctur aimed to providing the resources in the app so that the students can easily access them and anywhere through the mobile app. This will help students save and utilize their time as judiciously as possible as they can study from anywhere right through their mobile phones.
Proctur brought the best of study experience right to the mobile phones with access to all course material, appear into tests, practice examples and much more all through the app. The app provides features like listing of assignments, announcements by the academy, class schedule, documents download, week view of timetable, inbuilt enquiry and many more .We helped Edufocuss manage all their course content and deliver through app to the students who wishes to study anytime and so they never run out of resources or stay dependent on the teachers or the institution for the study.
With Proctur’s tecnologia, Edufocuss had a good time experiencing the features we provided them and they made sure if we are able to satisfy their needs. Edufocuss appreciated our team and congratulated us for our great vision to provide solutions to the problems that exist is the education world.
Proctur is becoming more confident with every happy client and trying to add up more features to keep your institution rolling. Want to become a part of our stories? Reach out to us.