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Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Story of KOTA : The Mecca of Coaching Centres

Two decades ago Kota was just a normal city with renowned industries like JK synthetics, Sethi marbles etc. Then came Bansal Classes which is...

The Evolutionary Worth of Coaching!

When we search for the dictionary meaning of education we will find description like “an enlightening experience”, “The process of receiving or giving systematic...
Educational Amendments

The Lesser Known Educational Amendments!

When you Google “Education in India” they start dividing it into public, private, central, state, local, demographically and in the end reservations, making it...
Digital Education Proctur

The Digitalisation Break Through Into Education!

When eight years old Tarun was asked to tell the direction to his school, he took the smartphone from his mother’s hand and Google...
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